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As it turns out, most days are good days…

I posted a few days ago that I had a brilliant day. And it was. Turns out, today is almost better. Which, for many, may diminish the brilliance of Friday. For me, it highlights the reality that most days are more positive than negative. Some are phenomenal, some are fantastic, some are for the record book, some suck. The majority are just plain good.

And in bullet-point fashion, here’s why today may just beat Friday:

  • I have a bruise on my right hip from trying to surf yesterday.
  • I love sushi, and perhaps just ate one of the better rolls of sushi I’ve had.
  • I ended a full day of meetings sitting on the balcony of my unreal hotel room, eating said sushi, and watching the sunset over the pacific ocean.
  • The faint sound of a local band doing an acoustic version of “Blurred Lines.”
  • I love planes. I’m watching planes take off/land/fly as the sun goes down. For me, planes are a thing of beauty, regardless of the color of the sky, however tonight plane watching is magical.
  • I’m alone, but feel connected and loved.
  • And best of all, all of the above is while I’m at work…

I’ll go back to recipe posting soon (I’ve recently tried a roasted tomato that turned into a sun-dried/caramelized tomato). Until then, enjoy the goodness. I am.