A full life in moderation.

New Year, Improved Me. 

For 2017, my intent is to manifest an existence centered on simplicity, health, clarity and focus. Life around me has progressively gotten more chaotic: older children, work travel, increased responsibilities, politics…the list goes on. As the chaos increased over time, my overall physical and mental health has declined. 

As opposed to a resolution that begins (and ends) in January, each month of 2017 will have a specific area of focus: January is dedicated to health.

  • I’m back on the dairy free / gluten free food that supports my body with increased energy and decreased attitude problems. Which means I’ll be posting new and interesting recipes. Stay tuned. 
  • Meditation. I’ve attempted to make meditating a part of my hectic daily life more than once. This year, with the help of Headspace, I’m 10 days into my practice and enjoying the process. 
  • I’ve implemented many of the concepts from the Four Hour Body by Tim Ferris. Slow Carb diet, workouts, advice, tools and supplement suggestions. Check it out. 

2017 started with a commitment to treat myself and others with grace and latitude. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me. Welcome to a new year. 


  dannetteunfurls wrote @

I love you. Always. And I support you. Always. Xo

  Natalie Pfund wrote @

Awesome! Go you!

  Alta Acosta-Carter wrote @

Excellent, love it!

  dannetteunfurls wrote @

I believe in you 😍

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