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Best Chili EVER – Simple, Clean, Phenomenal.

Normally, I try to adjust recipes to make them cleaner, tastier and all around better. This one, there was nothing I could do – it stood perfectly on its own. Thank you Ree Drummond!

Ree’s Simple, Perfect Chili

My only tweak: I doubled the garlic. Also, you can use ground turkey if you’re avoiding beef.



6 Week Challenge – I dare you.

I joined a local fitness club, NW Women’s Fitness , 8 years ago. During those 8 years, they often have “summer boot camps, team training,” and the like, which I stay FAR away from. This year, however, they’ve changed the format of their Spring  6 Week Challenge and I was intrigued.

The Challenge is focused more on complete wellness (eat veggies, get enough sleep, take the stairs) while also including the traditional weight training and cardio sessions. The cost is inexpensive ($47), the format is user friendly, and best of all, you are not required to step foot in the gym.

It starts tomorrow, Monday, April 7 and runs through Sunday May 18th. Take a look at the information and see what you think. For me, the draw is the fresh start. A reminder of  what we all know is important and slack on doing.

You can sign up, regardless of where you live (Germany, Hawaii, Arizona). Call the club, email the club, tell them you  are going to be training with Alta; mention my name and you get a 10% discount.

I signed up with a girlfriend of mine and plan to win all the prizes – so good luck if you intend to compete with me.

Enjoy your day.