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Roasted Chicken with Olives, Mushrooms and Herbs

This is my father’s brilliant attempt to duplicate the roast chicken from the Union Hotel in Occidental, California. Make sure the chicken is well trimmed of excess skin and fat so the sauce won’t be greasy.


6 Chicken Thighs
6 to 8 oz. Crimini mushrooms, quartered

1/3C Lemon juice
One 6oz can whole pitted black olives
Large handful fresh rosemary; strip leaves to yield 1/3 cup. Reserve 3 or 4 large sprigs 1 teaspoonful fresh thyme
1 Tablespoonful fresh Oregano
1⁄2 teaspoonful ground pepper
1 teaspoonful Kosher salt
7 peeled garlic cloves
1 Tablespoonful extra virgin olive oil
1/3 cup dry white wine
1 T minced Italian parsley


To make marinade: in food processer, combine lemon juice, 1⁄2 cup olives, rosemary leaves, thyme, oregano, pepper, salt, garlic and olive oil. Process until finely pureed, then add wine and process until well blended.

In a ceramic or glass baking dish, combine marinade, chicken, remaining whole olives, and mushrooms. Mix well, top with rosemary sprigs, cover and refrigerate for at least 4 and up to 12 hours.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place baking dish in oven (complete with marinade, chicken and other ingredients). Bake covered for 30 minutes, then uncover, remove rosemary sprigs, and bake for an additional one hour and 15 minutes. Baste and turn chicken pieces every 15 minutes.

When done, remove chicken, mushrooms and olives from baking dish. Reserve remaining liquid and remove fat to make sauce.

Serve chicken, mushrooms, and olives with sauce and parsley for garnish.

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