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Beets – A Treat???

Beets are not something I would ever eat. I knew they were good for me, I didn’t like the texture or the flavor. I would not consider them a “treat” of any kind. Then one day, a friend of mine, Natalie, convinced me to try them prepared as below. This method of cooking them has changed my mind completely. I eat them once a week as a beginning to a meal. They are truly a clean, healthy phenomenal treat. Even kids request them. Enjoy.


Red Beets – Skin removed, sliced thin.

Coconut Oil

Coarse Sea Salt


Melt Coconut oil.

Coat Beets with Coconut oil and sprinkle with Sea Salt. Place in a cookie sheet.

Roast at 400 Degrees for approximately 20 minutes. They should crisp on the edges and be soft in the middle. Eat with your fingers directly off the cookie sheet.


  natalie pfund wrote @

A treat indeed! 🙂

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